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Economic Development


Community Transformation Plan

Please click HERE for the Community Transformation Plan.


Downtown Business Development

Downtown Business Development Guide, please click HERE.


Planning & Zoning

Click here for the City of Vienna Zoning Map.

Click here for the City of Vienna Zoning Application.

Click here for the City of Vienna Sign Permit Application.


PLANNING & ZONING COMMISSION                                                      BOARD OF ZONING APPEALS

                        Marcus Bowens                                                                                                                              Marcus Bowens     

                        Rodney Brannen                                                                                                                            Rodney Brannen

                        Arney Bryant                                                                                                                                   Arney Bryant

                        David Humber                                                                                                                                David Humber

                        Gary Mixon                                                                                                                                      Gary Mixon  


For more information, please contact: 

Janet Joiner, Community Development Director,  (229) 268-4920,  janet.joiner@cityofvienna.org