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Limbs/Debris Pick Up Schedule:

If you have limbs/yard debris that the Public Works Department need to pick up, please have these items by the curb and call City Hall at 229-268-4744 to schedule pickup. There is a charge for this service! 

Old Furniture/large item Pick Up Schedule:

If you have old furniture and/or large items that the Public Works Department needs to pick up, please have these items by the curb and call City Hall at 229-268-4744 to schedule pickup. There is a charge for this service! 



 Why Call Before You Dig?

Safe digging is everyone's responsibility!


Where It Starts:

Safe digging starts when you call the Utilities Protection Center of Georgia. Ideally, we ask that you give us about a week before you plan to dig. In that time, we will notify the member utilities, who will send a locater to mark your utility lines with flags and/or paint markings.


You may call 811 or 1-800-282-7411 statewide and 770-623-4344 locally. It is important that you provide the following information when you notify us:

  • Name, area code, phone number, address, city, county and nearest cross streets.
  • Type of work to be done and how long it will take.
  • Date and start time digging is scheduled to begin.
  • If any work will be done within 10 ft. of overhead high voltage power lines.
  • Contractor/contact person and phone number.
  • Where on the property you want marking done.
  • Specific directions to your property – landmarks, etc.


The Process:

During your call, the UPC of Georgia will give you a “ticket” number. This ticket is the official notification of your request and is immediately sent to all the utility members in your area. Once they have been notified, they have 48 hours from the next business day (provided you call before 4:30 pm) to get a locator to mark your lines. Anytime during this process, you can actually track the progress of utility members and locaters who are responding to your “ticket.” To do this, click on the What is Positive Response? section on this page and follow the instructions. To make sure all lines are marked, a final check on positive response should be done at noon on the legal date you were given.

If you have any problems, conflicts or disputes with responses, please call us again to re-notify the utility members.


Once Fully Located:

Once the area to dig has been marked and/or cleared, proceed with caution while digging. Recommended distance is two feet to either side from the markings. The colored paint and/or flags indicate the different utilities. If when digging you accidentally damage, dislocate, or disturb any utility, call UPC to report the damage. Have your ticket number handy and be ready to get a damage ticket number and phone number to call that utility that was damaged. If the damage is serious enough to create an emergency, immediately take precautions to safeguard your health and property.


Be Watchful:

If you notice someone digging on your property, be sure they have contacted UPC for a dig ticket and the utilities within that area are marked before any digging starts. This is for your own safety.


What's Covered?

The dig ticket (locate request) in which you call in is intended to prevent any harm to your life and property. Among the work types that we suggest you call in a ticket for include: planting, repairing or replacing u/g utilities (specifying which utility), fences, mailbox, retaining walls, aerating, sentricon, grading, tilling, using an auger, any mechanized/motorized piece of machinery, etc.



By not calling, here's what you could get into: Personal injury (possible loss of life), Damage to environment, costly property damage, damage to important utilities that would disable others to make emergency calls or lose the availability of a utility, costly delays, expensive repairs, legal problems, and civil penalties.
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